Why RMC ........?

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Scope of Ready Mixed Concrete Plant:-

•Long, Long years ago, their where simple houses but in 21st century we can see houses constructed in R.C.C.

•Therefore concrete got more importance than any other construction material. So the use of concrete is increasing day by day.

•For construction most of the contractors and builders have to collect the raw materials required for the construction before starting actual works. These materials should be stored at the site properly. This technique can be possible when there will be more empty space at the construction site which is not possible in congested areas. At this time there is one solution to overcome all these problems that is nothing “READYMIX CONCRETE”. --- RMC

      By using R.M.C we can save time and money required for the labours. In following places ready mix concrete can be used:-

1. Major concerting projects like dams, roads, bridges, tunnels, canals etc.

2. for concreting in congested areas where storage of materials is not possible.

3. Sites where intensity of traffic makes problems.

4. When supervisor and labour staff is less.

5. To reduce the time required for construction etc.

6. Huge industrial and residential projects.