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Tailor made concrete - Product Design as per requirement of SITE where we have control over the Workability, Retention, Flexibility with Strength and other Parameters which reduces Customer's Worry and gives them a Best Quality Product.




Benefits/ Advantages




          Relating walls

          Lift walls

          Application with Concrete Placement by           Crane

          Superior Durability

          Consistent Quality

         Allows better planning and efficient use of   


          Excellent Workability Retention up to 6 hours.

          Allows usage of concrete up to 6 hours, so no     

          wastage of concrete of money

          Reduction in cost on resources

          No natural resources wastage




Make your Mass Concrete Durable

Temperature controlled concrete mixers with lower Heat of Hydration for Mass Concrete requirement, for lower core temperature & lower temperature differentials across concrete member and subsequently higher durability.



Benefits/ Advantages

             Mass Structure

·         Mass Foundation

·         Slim Structure

·         Precast Structure

·         Bridges

·         Dams

·         Machine Foundations

·         Excellent Durability

·         Excellent Permeability resistance

·         Lower Drying Shrinkage

·         Lower Thermal Stresses.

·         Excellent workability retention & finish ability

·         Use of Pozzolanic material

·         Lower fuel costs.

·         Green Points for Green Building Certification



A combination of cost efficiency and the free lowing properties,

Six Seasons Concretex presents the end user with opportunities to place

Concrete in Complex structure, without costing as much as SCC

Cohesive Concrete that flows like water through the reinforcement, with negligible placement efforts.



Benefits/ Advantages

          Walls/Relating walls



          Slim structure

          Precast Structures




          Slip-form concrete

          Economical than conventional SCC.

          Excellent Finish ability.

          Excellent Corrosion resistance.

          Uniform Consistency & Homogeneity.

          Excellent Bonding characteristics.

          Reduces Placement Time & Effort.

          Less Equipment & Manpower required for               


          Green Points for Green Building Certification.




Concrete with Personality!


Benefits/ Advantages

·            Floors

·         Roof

·         Slip-form shuttering External Concrete

·         Decorative Concrete members

·         Walls

·         Plasters

·         Swimming pools

·         Uniform Consistency

·         Good Surface Finish

·         Reduction in Maintenance cost.

·         Beautiful and customizable appearance.

·         Reduction in manpower & equipment expenses.

·         Environment Friendly oxide pigments do not 

         cause air pollution, unlike toxic pigments in paints.



Concrete that takes a lot of “Tension”

Mix-Crete is a concrete mix with steel/ synthetic fibers, and special additives to enhance the flexural strength and other important mechanical properties of concrete.

For ordinary pavements to Machine foundation to tunnel Linings, Mix- Crete is available to meet your specific requirement.



Benefits/ Advantages

·            Runways, Pavements & Drive ways.

·         Industrial Floors

·         Machine Foundations

·         Water relating structure

·         Bridges

·         Pipes & Thin elements

·           Precast elements.

·         Economical Designs

·         Better Design Life

·         Significantly Reduced Cracking

·         Higher Flexural Strength

·         Higher resistance to Creep

·         Higher Abrasion resistance

·         Reduced water bleed & Improved Cohesiveness

·         Optimum & Cost Effective usage of Resources &