QA.(Quality Assurance ) and QC.( Quality Control)

 EQUIPMENT The following describes the general approach used by SIX SEASON CONCRETEX for the supply of concrete to major.

 BATCH PLANT SIX SEASON CONCRETEX is equipped with one batch plant schwing stetter (1m3) – wet mix fully starting from feeding of raw materials and ending with loading concrete in to transit mixers. Plant has a capacity of 60m3 per hour, calibrated every year to ensure the batch weights are set according to the specified mix design. Provide by moisture sensors for measuring contents of aggregates. The factory plants are checked on a daily and weekly basis to ensure the best quality and service presented to our client. 

CEMENT STORAGE CAPACITY SIX SEASON CONCRETEX is equipped with two cement silos of 100 tons & 60 tons. This capacity is very helpful especially during cement shortage times to ensure continuous delivery to clients, SIX SEASON CONCRETEX has very big storage yard with shading for Coarse and fine aggregate. 

DIESEL GENERATOR SIX SEASON CONCRETEX has extra power source, We use 160KVA prime rated sound roof Generator. We can continue production during any power failure of CEB

SEQUENCE OF ACTIVITIES : Selection of Material: SIX SEASON CONCRETEX shall select the material and mix proportions to satisfy the strength and durability as per project specifications and requirements. 

Aggregate: SIX SEASON CONCRETEX stores all aggregate in clean separate storage bins provided with concrete base and foundations for each size and type. SIX SEASON CONCRETEX follows procedures for building stockpiles such as to prevent harmful segregation and breakage and to prevent mixing of different sizes or types. Stock piles bases were made with a slope of 5% for free drainage of water. Aggregate, Quarry product, construction materials up to the point of delivery to be transporter by tippers covered with net type or cloth to prevent contamination by foreign material at the time of transportation to the construction field. 

Coarse Aggregate: The coarse aggregate is crushed and shall be grated in accordance with BS:882 and satisfying the specification limits. The nominal maximum size of the coarse aggregate shall be 20mm. 

Fine Aggregate: Fine aggregate used in river sand satisfying BS specification limits.   

Admixture: Admixture shall comply as per BS: 5075 -1, 2 and 3 in general the manufacturer shall declare the chemical name & nominal dosage of admixture. Calcium chloride or admixture based on chloride shall not be used in concrete. Any air-entraining admixture shall not be recommended for use in ready mix concrete. Admixture are supplied into tanks and storied in stationed tanks provided by the admixture supplier, these tanks provided with dispenser to ensure homogeneity and attached with batch plant. 

Water: Water to be mixed on Concrete shall comply with the limits BS of EN 1008. 

Cement: Where specified cement & equivalent compositions of cement shall be used in the production of ready mix concrete. The cement shall comply with BS Standard Cement. SIX SEASONS CONCRETEX mix immediately upon arrival at the batch plant, cement is storied in separated clearly marked, weather tight silos. CEMENT Compliance certificate to BS standards presented by the supplies and tested according to project specification.

CONCRETE ADMIXTURE Compliance to Approved standards presented by the manufacturer and tested according to project specification. Specific Gravity of Admixture is checked on a delivery basis to compare with manufacturer specifications for quality control purposes.


a) Testing at batch Plant: Concrete is tested for slump, temperature, strength on a daily basis. Each concrete delivery is checked for slump and temperature, where as random samples are taken for strength checking at the batch plant, each sample represents 50m3 delivered to the site, the sample consist of four specimens, two are tested at 7 days and other specimens are tested 28 days. All tests and their frequencies on concrete out according to relevant specification from BS standards or according to projects specification.  

b) Testing at site Each concrete delivery is checked at for slump and temperature. Material Review & Approval Materials to be used satisfy the design requirements for the safety, structural performance and durability. The amount of potentially harmful impurities in the constituent material should be taken in to account, so that the maximum permitted cumulative content should exceed the limit of standards. Such material should be considered on design requirement and should satisfy test data on their suitability & assurance of quality. The necessary test records containing details of such materials should be maintained. The performance of concrete made with such materials and there suitability for the purpose required should be established by previous data, experience and relevant test reports.